Road Sings - Class A Signs


The road signs have been grouped into 11 categories

These are:

  1. Regulatory Signs
  2. Warning Signs
  3. Class A Signs
  4. Class B signs
  5. Class C Signs
  6. Information Signs
  7. Directional Signs
  8. Temporary Signs
  9. Traffic Signals
  10. Police Signals
  11. Carriage Way Markings

Insignia of danger sign

Two way traffic ahead

Road ahead narrows to the left

Road narrows both sides head

Falling debris sign

Keep left sign

Bend sign

Curve ahead sign

Sharp curve sign

Junction Sign, warns road users that there is a road intersection ahead

Juction sign warning of a road junction ahead

Warning of a side road ahead

Warns road users of an approaching T Junction

Warning of a steep ascent

Warns users of a steep descent on the road

Speed hump ahead warning sign

Lookout for children crossing the road warning sign

Pedestrian crossing sign

Narrow bridge ahead sign

Animals crossing sign

Lookout for children crossing the road warning sign

Slippery road ahead warning sign

Roadworks ahead sign

Warning of a rail crossing or level crossing

Physical barrier ahead sign

Round about sign

Warns road users of uneven road

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