Road signs - Class B Signs


The road signs have been grouped into 11 categories

These are:

  1. Regulatory Signs
  2. Warning Signs
  3. Class A Signs
  4. Class B signs
  5. Class C Signs
  6. Information Signs
  7. Directional Signs
  8. Temporary Signs
  9. Traffic Signals
  10. Police Signals
  11. Carriage Way Markings

Give way sign

Blank sign

Stop and give way

Traffic flow sign

No vehicles sign

Go sign 

No left turn sign

No left turn sign

No U-turn sign

No stopping sign

Customs sign

No overtaking sign

No parking

Parking control sign

Maximum speed

Vehicle restriction sign

Give way sign

Stop sign

Give way sign 

Vehicle width limit sign

Vehicle weight limit sign

Vehicle height limit sign

Vehicle legth limit sign

Weight limit sign

Cargo control sign

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