1. Regulatory Signs
  2. Warning Signs
  3. Class A Signs
  4. Class B signs
  5. Class C Signs
  6. Information Signs
  7. Directional Signs
  8. Temporary Signs
  9. Traffic Signals
  10. Police Signals
  11. Carriage Way Markings

Regulatory Signs

Stop sign

Stop and yield

Yield sign

Yield to pedestrian

Yield at mini-circle sign

One way sign

Pedestrian priority sign

Yield to on coming traffic sign

Minimum speed limit

Vehicle exceeding mass only

Keep left

Proceed left only

Proceed right only

Proceed staright only

Turn left

Proceed left only

Pedestrian only

Keep right 

Pedal cycles only

Motor Cycles only

Motor cars only

Taxis only

Mini buses only

Motor Cycles only

Delivery vehicles only

Goods vehicles only

Round about sign

Abnormal vehicles only

Pay toll sign

Switch headlights ON

Speed limit sign 

Mass limit

Height limit 

Length limit

Hitch-hiking prohibited

Unauthorised vehicles prohibited

Left turn prohibited

Right turn prohibited

Hitch-hiking prohibited

Overtaking prohibited

Parking prohibited

Right turn prohibited

Pedestrians prohibited

Clycles prohibited

Motor cycles prohibited

Cars Prohibited

Taxis prohibited

Mini buses prohibited 

Buses prohibited

Delivery vehicles prohibited

Goods vehicles prohibited

Vehicles carrying dangerous goods

Abnormal vehicles prohibited

Horse riders prohibited

Width limit sign

Vehicles carrying dangerous goods

Hawkers and vendors prohibited

Bus reservation sign 

Bus parking reservation

Bus lane reservation

Cycle lane resavation

Cycle parking reservation

Parking reservation

Limeted parking reservation

Motor cycle parking reservation

Motor cycle reservation

Car reservation

Car parking reservation

Taxi reservation

Taxi parking reservation

Mini bus reservation

Mini bus parking reservation

Bus reservation sign

Delivery Parking reservation

Goods vehicles reserve

Goods vehicles parking reserve

Disabled person vehicle reservation

Disabled person vehicle parking reservation

Reserved movement left by vehicle 

Reserved movement right by vehicle 

Reserved movement left and right by vehicle 

Weght limit sign

Distance limit sign 



Motor Cycles



Mini Buses

Delivery vehicles 

Goods Vehicles

Vehicle carrying dangerous goods

Abnormal vehicles

Disabled person vehicles

Animal drawn vehicles

Towed vehicles

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